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Toggle %s Rust server

Posted By:  Jules @ 20 October 2014 - 02:53 PM



Crafting Controller
Custom Loot Tables
Ownership Remover

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Toggle %s Call of Duty 4 Zombies Server

Posted By:  wivane @ 10 October 2014 - 06:33 PM



Call of Duty 4 Zombies version 1.7.


Map rotation:


map maze1 map mp_shaft map mp_boxfight map mp_slide map mp_wizard map lolzor map mp_zomarena_final map mp_bazaar



Have fun!

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Toggle %s Rust Server

Posted By:  Techno @ 19 July 2014 - 11:34 AM






Crafting Controller

Custom Loot Tables


Ownership Remover



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Toggle %s Minecraft Server

Posted By:  Twister @ 22 April 2014 - 02:40 PM





REMEMBER TO VOTE @: https://minestatus.n...-pve-pvp-server

This post updated:  29.4.2014

Herro people of #Afterlife!
I've been creating our Minecraft server for few days now, and this is what has been done for now:
- PowerTeleport
- Multiverse-Core (for PVP world and PVE world)
- Lockette [More info @ http://dev.bukkit.or...ugins/lockette/ ]
- mcJobs [More info @ http://dev.bukkit.or...plugins/mcjobs/ ]
- mcMMO [More info @ http://dev.bukkit.or...-plugins/mcmmo/ ]
- PermissionsEX
- SetRankPEX (Easier group managing for admins)
- Vault
- HeroChat
- World_Portal
- WorldBorder
- WorldEdit
- WorldGuard
- Rules_Lister
- iConomy
- OpPowers
- PrivateWarps
- Vault
- Votifier
- RewardVoting

- ProtectionStones
Current groups aka RANKS
- Newcomer [Everyone will be set to this group automatically]

/help ProtectionStones/rules/mcmmo help/mcjobs/lockette/sethome/removehome/home/spawn/tpaccept (currently not working, trying to find solution)/tpdeny/money/money pay

- Regular (same commands as Newcomer) +

/tpahere/tpa/ps add <player> | To allow <player> to have access to doors etc. in your area/ps flag use allow | Allows everyone to have access to doors etc. in your area, UNLESS LOCKED WITH LOCKETTE!/ps info

- Member (same commands as Regular)
- Donator (same commands as Member) +


- Vmod (Same commands as Members) +


- Mod (Same as Vmod) +


- Admin (same as Mod) +

/ban/pardon (aka unban)/ban-ip/pardon-ip (aka unban ip)/banlist/slap/explode/vanish/unvanish/fly

- SuperAdmin [ERRYTHING]
VIP stuff
- 2x XP gain in mcMMO skills
- Warps (Limited)

- 100x100 Area protection in PVE
- Gigadrill breaker = Faster digging [RMB to active when shovel in hand] Has cooldown
- Skullsplitter = More damage dealt with axes [RMB to activate when axe in hand] Has cooldown
- Superbreaker = Faster mining [RMB to activate when pickaxe in hand] Has cooldown
- Serratedstrikes = More damage dealt with swords [RMB to activate when sword in hand] Has cooldown

Feel free to suggest... something :dave:

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Toggle %s Garrys Mod Prop Hunt Server

Posted By:  Techno @ 02 February 2014 - 02:05 PM



cs_italy, cs_office, cs_assault, ph_zombie_bunker




Ulx, Pointshop


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