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Twister : (06:12 PM) http://www.dailymail...crash-site.html
Dog : (06:12 PM) tobi wuh's muh gaem?
Techno : (06:08 PM) next weekds episode of suits will be even better
Dog : (06:02 PM) where's muh game
Dog : (06:01 PM) when som tobi?
Dog : (06:01 PM) *thought
Dog : (06:01 PM) hey tobi, my shadow of mordor is coming out sooner than we though
M-Link : (05:54 PM) Well techno?
Techno : (05:48 PM) so pony back in aL when
Jules : (05:47 PM) by those who don't have them only :dave:
Techno : (05:47 PM) :dave:
Vython : (05:46 PM) Brains are so overrated
Jules : (05:46 PM) I have my brain.
Dexon : (05:42 PM) I have my fists.
Vython : (05:41 PM) I got a Colt Double Eagle BB gun and a Jericho CO2 gas powered gun
Vython : (05:40 PM) damn that one looks very nice
M-Link : (05:37 PM)
M-Link : (05:35 PM) real wood and metal
M-Link : (05:35 PM) i had airsoft kar98k
M-Link : (05:34 PM) Well Dog?
Dog : (05:21 PM) link pls
D-DayDan : (05:21 PM) So that's why it was never used
M-Link : (05:20 PM)

 The Suomi KP/-31 is regarded by many as one of the most successful submachine guns of World War II

M-Link : (05:19 PM) suomi konepistooli 31 :xd:
M-Link : (05:19 PM) kp=konepistooli=submachine gun
D-DayDan : (05:18 PM) we also invented the computer :sir:
Dog : (05:17 PM) lol at it having suomi in the name
M-Link : (05:17 PM) http://en.wikipedia....ki/Suomi_KP/-31
Dog : (05:17 PM) we also invented radar 
M-Link : (05:17 PM) http://en.wikipedia....-Saloranta_M/26 ww2
Dog : (05:16 PM) took you guys that long to learn what guns are and how they are made? please the british invented the tank
Dog : (05:16 PM) 90s lel
M-Link : (05:16 PM) Dog : (08:12 PM)in fact has there ever even been a finnish designed gun at all?
Dog : (05:16 PM) too much patriotic feeling up in here
Dog : (05:15 PM) man i want to have a plate full of crumpets now, litres of tea and the union jack behind me now
D-DayDan : (05:15 PM) why yes it did carry ten bullets in one magazine, very clever
D-DayDan : (05:15 PM) ten round magazine you say?
Dog : (05:14 PM) good to know
Dog : (05:14 PM) i'll assume he and the rest of finland have learned their place?
Dog : (05:14 PM) i have yet to hear anything back from link
RhInor : (05:14 PM) :dave:
D-DayDan : (05:13 PM) that's how good it was
D-DayDan : (05:13 PM) we were using that in the first world war berns, not just the second
D-DayDan : (05:13 PM) lee enfield :wub:
Dog : (05:13 PM) i do prefer the karabiner in ww2 shooters, but for the sake of being british there must be an enfield also
M-Link : (05:13 PM) Dog pls
Dog : (05:12 PM) in fact has there ever even been a finnish designed gun at all?
RhInor : (05:12 PM) lee-en-field ? :dave: prefer kar :troll:
Dog : (05:12 PM) oh i'm sorry, which finnish designed rifle in ww2 beat the enfield then?
ExplodeNinja : (05:10 PM) Sup guys

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