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Jules : (07:45 AM) :o
Dexon : (07:03 AM)
Dexon : (04:23 AM) wHat Is SLEEP
Ansceniiiic : (12:09 AM) Read http://www.reddit.co...ritishproblems/ it's funny.
Ansceniiiic : (12:08 AM) Dog : (01:04 AM)reading some of these posts, just makes me lose the will to live

That's because you're reading a sub-reddit dedicated to CoD.
Dog : (12:07 AM) but that's much better than having nothing but scum like 4chan
Dog : (12:07 AM) yes yes i know the vote circlejerk is bad on there
Dog : (12:06 AM) reddit>4chan
.el Rix~ : (12:06 AM) >browsing reddit
See, there's your problem
Dog : (12:04 AM) reading some of these posts, just makes me lose the will to live
Dog : (12:04 AM) http://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDuty/new
Dog : (12:03 AM) :unsure:
Ansceniiiic : (12:02 AM) Posted Image
.el Rix~ : (12:00 AM) I just do this https://www.youtube....h?v=0OkbQLxPNHk
Ansceniiiic : (12:00 AM) http://i.imgur.com/MmTR8XJ.jpg
Ansceniiiic : (12:00 AM) when your link doesn't work.  :angry2:
Ansceniiiic : (12:00 AM) That feel when..http://i.imgur.com/MmTR8XJ.jpg
Dog : (11:59 PM) newest submissions : pcgaming
Ansceniiiic : (11:58 PM) This what I'm subscribed to. http://i.imgur.com/JcklBTl.png
Pønor ø.ø : (11:58 PM) Sleepy time!
Pønor ø.ø : (11:56 PM) r/earthporn r/space r/dataisbeautiful and then many dev/programming subs
Dog : (11:55 PM) problem is the slight spoilers that people find :(
Dog : (11:52 PM) r/witcher :davelove:
Dog : (11:52 PM) it's such an off put
Dog : (11:52 PM) r/pcmasterrace is filled with steam fanboys
Dog : (11:51 PM) i like the witcher subreddit
Ansceniiiic : (11:51 PM) Yup. Subscribed to the first.
Dog : (11:51 PM) i bet you visit r/playstationmasterrace
Dog : (11:50 PM) ever visit r/pcmasterrace or r/pcgaming?
Pønor ø.ø : (11:50 PM) That video is not part of the leak. Probably fake, but surely looks like it which is good enough for pedro
Ansceniiiic : (11:50 PM) Never really had a thing for Jennifer Lawerence anyway. Kate Upton practically strips naked for Sports Illustrated all the time anyway.
Ansceniiiic : (11:50 PM) Hahaha. It's just what I've seen/heard! It's easy to know just by looking at reddit and any other board talking about it. Honestly, all of the pictures have been..meh.
Dog : (11:49 PM) he's like the rest of the scum on /b/ only he's more street wise
Dog : (11:48 PM) ash williams - professional celebrity perv
Ansceniiiic : (11:47 PM) No Selena Gomez content has been released apart from the xray'd picture of her on a boat.
Ansceniiiic : (11:47 PM) Nope, it doesn't exist.
Dog : (11:47 PM) is it the bj video?
Dog : (11:46 PM) was this contained within ashley's .rar?
Ansceniiiic : (11:46 PM) Fapping to fake Selena?
Dog : (11:46 PM) selena video
Pønor ø.ø : (11:45 PM) Havent heard from pedro since I sent him that selena video. He's either a laster or died in the process :lol:
Ansceniiiic : (11:43 PM) Neighbours at night. http://i.imgur.com/RJzEips.jpg
Dog : (11:41 PM) f-furbies?
Ansceniiiic : (11:41 PM) Furbies?
Dog : (11:40 PM) rix likes anything which can be synthesised to love him
Ansceniiiic : (11:39 PM) I'm surprised Rix actually likes female human beings, I thought he strictly had a fetish for cartoon/holograms.
Dog : (11:37 PM) couldn't really say initials, initials imply that it's a person
Dog : (11:37 PM) oh it wasn't an acronym for some machine singer
Ansceniiiic : (11:36 PM) Victoria Justice.
Dog : (11:35 PM) now i regret asking

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