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Twister : (03:44 PM) :dave:
RhInor : (03:43 PM) Btw ya purple fegget u have ruined their convo :dave:
RhInor : (03:42 PM) Im still better than u if thats what u think :awesome:
Sir Jämes : (03:42 PM) Now continue, please :dave:
Sir Jämes : (03:41 PM) *NO IT'S NOT
Sir Jämes : (03:41 PM) s NOT
Jules : (03:41 PM) oi rhino, did you get any good at it since we last played? :troll:
Jules : (03:41 PM) Calm down children, it's just a game
RhInor : (03:40 PM) :troll:
RhInor : (03:40 PM) Well shit, dat was really interesting :troll.
RhInor : (03:40 PM) lel Ash i was thinking about that img too :lol:
Twister : (03:39 PM) He's gone :(
RhInor : (03:39 PM) Yea what u gonna say now Polish fegget EHUEHUEHUEHZE
Ansceniiiic : (03:38 PM) Posted Image
RhInor : (03:38 PM) dis gon be gud :troll:
Twister : (03:38 PM) SERVED
Twister : (03:38 PM) :troll:
RhInor : (03:37 PM) OH SHIT :lol:
Ansceniiiic : (03:37 PM) :lol:
Twister : (03:37 PM) >Ignorant uneducated polish faggot always sending same useless shit in steam chat and attitude is like 3 year old little boy -> harash other then ask to calm down after harassing
>Turns serious stuff into "jokes" after "losing"
BraXi : (03:35 PM) Calm down in sauna, twister :dave:
BraXi : (03:34 PM) an looks like i shouldn't add ya again
> rage
> fud
> mad
= perkele
Ansceniiiic : (03:34 PM) guise, pls, no arguing..it reminds me of my abusive parents that fought all the time and it make me crei and scare. : (
Twister : (03:34 PM) >Trying to black paint me
Twister : (03:34 PM) Then I said I don't want any invites from you, but you kept doing it for the lulz so I blocked you and you deleted me from your friendlist.
BraXi : (03:33 PM) and ya didnt want to join any game, lel
BraXi : (03:33 PM) more. days.
Twister : (03:33 PM) I blocked you for one day because of that
BraXi : (03:33 PM) :lol:
BraXi : (03:33 PM) and lose yours
BraXi : (03:33 PM) lol, you blocked me last time because of that you didnt want to risk playing with lower ranks :lol2:
Twister : (03:32 PM) why would I be afraid over CS GO rank?
BraXi : (03:31 PM) +e
BraXi : (03:31 PM) Twistar pls, you are butthurt cause you'r afraid of your rank :dave:
Twister : (03:31 PM) You're butthurt from now on butthurt :dave:
Twister : (03:31 PM) Of course you are, butthurt :dave:
BraXi : (03:30 PM) im not, im just lol'in around :dumb:
Twister : (03:30 PM) and you already said you dont give a fuck why so butthurt still?
BraXi : (03:30 PM) it looked to me like that :dave:
Twister : (03:29 PM) I didn't delete because of that :dumb:
Twister : (03:29 PM) Go and play some FACEIT for FUN now shush shush
BraXi : (03:29 PM) > telling you that your tactic sucked
> deleted me from steam

who's butthurt here, huh?
Ansceniiiic : (03:28 PM) People still argue over video games? What year is this, 2008?
Twister : (03:28 PM) Why the fuck you get so butthurt over a simple convo?
Twister : (03:28 PM) now have I?
Twister : (03:28 PM) I haven't said I'm pro
BraXi : (03:27 PM) "and you keep thinking you're fucking good"
says a not fucking good, pro, 1337, l33t player :dumb:
Twister : (03:25 PM) Yeah if you don't give a fuck why are you trying to seek for attention here?
Twister : (03:25 PM) Shame I don't have the convos where you keep crying to play with me to boost you higher rank :dave:
BraXi : (03:25 PM) 0 fucks given

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