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D-DayDan : (02:59 AM) :davesir:
RhInor : (02:45 AM) :davesir:
D-DayDan : (01:02 AM) :davesir:
Dog : (11:49 PM) wow netflix has shit quality
.el Rix~ : (11:20 PM) https://www.youtube....h?v=NQReOUzN1lI
Dog : (11:01 PM) if only ash was still a member of the master race :okay:
Dog : (10:58 PM) BOOM goes the dynamite
Dog : (10:58 PM) where i play real games, on a real platform :sir:
Dog : (10:57 PM) so ash has dr pepper and walkers for cod:aw
Dog : (10:57 PM) for me it's coke zero or tea!
Ansceniiiic : (10:43 PM) I have my Dr Pepper and Walker sustenance. Take that, Mount Jew and Doritos!
Dog : (10:28 PM) you got your fuel yet, guys?
Dog : (10:27 PM) Fuel up for Battle
Dog : (10:04 PM) :dave:
Dexon : (09:45 PM) That's true.
Cannon : (09:45 PM) Apparently your brother doesnt know much either :dumb:
Dexon : (09:39 PM) Cannon doesn't know anything.
Dog : (09:32 PM) cannon didn't know?
Cannon : (09:21 PM) lel
wivane : (09:20 PM) ThertorNOR
Cannon : (09:20 PM) Who is his brother?
wivane : (09:18 PM) v So is your brother
Dexon : (09:06 PM) My friends are retards.
olly : (09:05 PM) too much heavy metal, not enough actual music
Ansceniiiic : (08:01 PM) https://www.youtube....lcNxE8#t=13m50s
Ansceniiiic : (08:00 PM) >Who the fuck is Tchaikovsky?

Thertor pls.
ThertorNOR : (08:00 PM) Who the fuck is Tchaikovsky?
Ansceniiiic : (07:59 PM) ThertorNOR : (08:39 PM)I will never need that education :angry:

Music tests will prepare you for that pivotal moment when you're in a pub playing Music trivia on the jukebox and in order to win £1,000 and a packet of crisps, you need to answer which song did Tchaikovsky compose.
Pymo : (07:50 PM) forgot how to study #blameswivane
Pymo : (07:49 PM) I havn't had a test in ages
ThertorNOR : (07:39 PM) :angry:
ThertorNOR : (07:39 PM) I will never need that education :angry:
ThertorNOR : (07:39 PM) Fuck music
ThertorNOR : (07:39 PM) I had a test today, and a test tomorrow
Pymo : (07:32 PM) and this test is tomorrow :dave:
Pymo : (07:32 PM) These questions are just going to help me study on what's coming on the test :dave:
Pymo : (07:32 PM) I'm not going to hand in this, I have a witten test tomorrow :dave:
olly : (07:25 PM) "pymo, where did you get this information?"
"my internet friends helped"
Dog : (07:08 PM) and been a bit more strict on risky lending :dave:
Dog : (07:07 PM) they could've easily built their way out of this recession years ago
Dog : (07:07 PM) they wonder why it crashed and that british banks had to try lending to people in the USA instead and to sub-prime mortgage lenders
Dog : (07:06 PM) or moreso in the 90s
Dog : (07:06 PM) and has been a joke ever since the 80s
Dog : (07:06 PM) not to mention the housing market in this country is a joke
ThertorNOR : (07:04 PM) >EU
ThertorNOR : (07:04 PM) http://en.wikipedia....anies_of_Norway
Dog : (07:04 PM) i like how the eu and uk are planning on tightening laws on bonuses etc on all banks and not just the ones which fucked up to the american sub-prime mortgages
Dog : (07:03 PM) because i don't think norway has much in the way of holding companies
ThertorNOR : (07:03 PM) :yay:

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