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D-DayDan : (02:04 AM) :davesir:
BraXi : (01:46 AM) so weird frag today
BraXi : (01:46 AM) http://imgur.com/a/uZ0r4 rofl
Dog : (12:26 AM) the eu needs to split up, but leave the trading there
Dexon : (12:20 AM) https://www.facebook...726907574047475
Ansceniiiic : (12:04 AM) Looking bad for the EU as a whole. You don't pull that shit when the citizens of the country you're asking money from are already anti-EU.
Dog : (11:49 PM) looking bad for france and germany
Dog : (11:48 PM) so britain and the netherlands are being asked for more just because we don't have failing economies -_-
Dog : (11:48 PM)

The Netherlands is being asked for an extra £509m, but by contrast France is due to receive a rebate of £0.8bn, Germany £618m, and Poland £250m.

Dog : (11:48 PM) fucks sake
Dog : (11:48 PM) Cameron: I Won't Pay £1.7bn EU Bill On Time
Dog : (11:13 PM) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Opening Cinematic - Golden Joystick Awards 2014 - YouTube
Dexon : (10:27 PM) https://www.youtube....h?v=JGf6TP6hZXc
Dog : (10:21 PM) ThertorNOR : (08:24 PM)  Roses are red, violets are glorious. Don't play hide & seek, with Oscar Pistorius
i've seen the meme you stole that from
Ansceniiiic : (09:37 PM) Such a rebel.
Stokes : (08:38 PM) already got a prosecution going through the court atm for nearly running a police dude over :> they can come at me bro
olly : (08:29 PM) watch out, you might get done for harassing
Stokes : (07:52 PM) inb4 facebook polees
Stokes : (07:52 PM) LOL im so stealing that
olly : (07:38 PM) better than the yam poem
ThertorNOR : (07:24 PM) Roses are red, violets are glorious. Don't play hide & seek, with Oscar Pistorius
Sir Jämes : (07:23 PM) Everybody knows that uncle Adolf still is alive
Sir Jämes : (07:15 PM) Braxi please
BraXi : (07:10 PM) dat email in my inbox :lol2:
Posted Image
Twister : (07:09 PM) SAUNA HEATER
Sir Jämes : (07:02 PM) ffs
Sir Jämes : (07:02 PM) cheater
Sir Jämes : (07:02 PM) *HEATER
Sir Jämes : (07:02 PM) "XGEATER"
Sir Jämes : (07:02 PM) ADMIN LOWE
Ansceniiiic : (06:52 PM) FPS games bring out the wife beaters rage.
Ansceniiiic : (06:50 PM) I've noticed. Not seen this much rage about a game since COD2.
olly : (06:49 PM) people are super srs about csgo
Jules : (06:48 PM) I stole your ace :dave:
Sir Jämes : (06:44 PM) Well, as you need to post it in here, it indeed looks like it was a lucky round for you. Else you'd be used to it and so you would not post it in here
BraXi : (06:41 PM) More like carrots stole my ACE >:
BraXi : (06:41 PM) its more than luck bro :ph34r:
Sir Jämes : (06:39 PM) Wow... you were lucky and feel the urge to post a screenshot now? :dave:
BraXi : (06:38 PM) http://steamcommunit...s/?id=331141072 :davesir:
Stokes : (06:26 PM) or not as it was so small ;D
Stokes : (06:26 PM) maybe he just thought his penis weighed down his chances in life?
Ansceniiiic : (06:23 PM) I like his way of thinking.

>GF dumps him and says he's shite in bed
>Thinks to himself "You know what, I'll cut off my dick, yeah, that will show her"
Sir Jämes : (06:10 PM) Can't be that big in that case
Sir Jämes : (06:10 PM) Well, it only needed a single cut with a razor
Sir Jämes : (06:09 PM) JAWOHL!
M-Link : (06:00 PM) http://metro.co.uk/2...in-bed-4918361/
olly : (05:45 PM) all of me is shit
ThertorNOR : (05:28 PM) Deadmau5 is a fucking hero
ThertorNOR : (05:28 PM) :lol:

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